Chico’s House Youth Development Center is a for-profit LLC focused on providifng a safe haven for youth 11-17 during Out of School Time (OST) hours, and directing them away from the pressures of inappropriate behaviors.  

Studies have shown that the OST hours (3pm-7pm during the school year and all-day during the summer) is a critical time where youth and children tend, if unsupervised, tend to participate in sedentary activities, high-risk behaviors and often display poor eating habits. This year we will be launching a host of programs and services.

The goal of Chico’s House is to help young children create pathways to success and become widely known and recognized in the community for its positive impact on the youth it serves.



Hello neighbor, 

Welcome to Chicos's House Youth Development Center. This summer from June 7,2021 until July 13, 2021 we will launch our Confidence Is Key Fitness Camp.

A class designed to empower, educate, and embrace our youth and their confidence! Participants are expected to attend one group fitness sessions  on Virtual or in person.

The final session (one on one) facilitator will we review the client evaluation with the participant, present them with their completion certificate, review goals and journal entries, and provide them with addition answers to questions and resources

Workbook and Downloadable activities Included. Participants will receive it in the welcome email.

Join the CIK 6 Week Facebook group to keep up with the discussion and during the session. 

Better Busy Than Bored,

Chico's House Youth Development Center, LLC

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In Your Honor

Chico's House, was formed in honored of the beloved Chico D. Robertson who was murdered due to gun violence January 9th, 2012. While pressing through the grieving process Brianna Nimox-owner who is also the oldest sister to Chico worked to obtain both a Bachelors and Masters degree. 

While that may have been a difficult time Brianna, she decided to turn the remainder of the bereavement period into an opportunity to help save lives of those at risk of becoming incarcerated. Chico's testimony will serve as a guideline to help youth down the path of success.
Chico’s story, childhood experiences, music dreams, triumphs and mishaps, and positive contributions will be shared with the youth that we serve with hopes that by keeping them busy they would never get bored.


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Chico's House Youth Development Center, LLC