Confidence Is Key Planner and Journal

By  Chico's House Youth Development Center, LLC
According to the 2013 Journal article “Understanding the Link Between Low Self-esteem and Depression” written by Ulrich Orfth and Richard AW. Robins, “studies suggest that low self- esteem is not only a correlate but also a VULNERABILITY factor for depression” (Orth & Robins, 2013). 

The fillable Confidence IS Key Planner and Journal is perfect for a teen looking to build and maintain high self esteem.  The Planner and Journal was designed to provide teens ages 11-17 who have identified self-esteem as a barrier with a savy and safe place to document their confidence journey. This book includes a 4 week Confidence journal, planner, and a host of social, emotional, and developmental questions with challenges throughout the week. These questions were designed to increase self-awareness and self-efficacy.

The objective of Confidence Is Key Planner and Journal is for individuals to independently obtain skills, tips, and techniques to develop, increase and maintain high confidence. Check out some amazing pages of greatness!

Sold in a hard copy form for additional fee.  Purchase Here today!

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We are excited to make major progress towards developing Chico's House, youth development center for the youth and the community. our goal here in greater Milwaukee, WI and other areas across the nation is to provide a safe haven for youth, to live learn, and have fun all in the comfort of their neighborhood, Or home since all of our services are virtual. We are making progress here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin towards occupying a physical agent so that we can begin hosting in person sessions soon.

Chico’s House Youth Development Center, LLC ask for your helping hand throughout this process. Starting a business can be a difficult thing to do alone. What way to do it with the support of the community. Currently Chico’s House Youth Development Center is looking for monetary donations to help with the support of our 6 programs. We are looking to raise $6,000 which will assist with covering snacks/hot food for youth, incentives, nutrition guidance, programs and services to families who meet the poverty limit ,, group and 1on1 sessions, and so much more for across the NATION. . If you are interested in saving the lives of a neighbor, student, son, niece, or friend please send your Contributions to, cash app to $Ceonimox with message tag #CHYDC; checks and cash accepted.

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